Saturday, October 12, 2013

MIni Zakka Storage Bag

Mini Zakka Storage Bag
Size : 10cm(width) x 11cm(height)
material : jute & cotton
Price : RM13/unit
3 design is available now~

Sunday, January 27, 2013

CLPI001 High Quality Drinks Coaster

 Color : Green

 Color : Blue

CLPI001 High Quality Drinks Coaster
Diameter : 9cm
Thickness : 4mm
Available in Green & Blue
RM 5 / pcs

Sunday, September 18, 2011

HDAA-018 DIY Photo Frame

[actual product]

[actual product]

DIY Photo Frame

code : HDAA-018

Price : RM9.90

material : kraftpaper , hemp rope

dimension :13cm *18cm (applicable for 4R photos)

inner frame dimension :9cm*13cm

hemp rope length:around 150cm

Set details :

photo frame 7pcs (black,white, brown)+hemp rope+colorful wooden clip

Friday, September 24, 2010

HDAA-001 Korea style mini magnet clip

You can use it to leave short message, to clip your photo on it or anything you like to do with it!

(Attached with magnet which enable it to attach with all the iron base surface)


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

HDAA-013 3D Pyramid Puzzle

3D Pyramid Puzzle

( Code : HDAA-013)

Material : Plastic

Available in Yellow color only.

New version of puzzle which is the best gift for your friends!


HDAA-004 Sanitary Pad Holder

Sanitary Pad Holder ( Code : HDAA-004 )
Material : Cotton
Measurement : 10.5 cm * 9.5cm
Comes with 3 pocket inside.
**Recommended for 1 Maxi Pad or 2 Slim pad

NO more worry on how to hide "it” !

Open Up, here is the details!

Design A

Design B

Design C

Design D

Design E

RM 5.90/ pcs

HDAA-006e Cable Manager(Fish Bone)

Line Holder
(fish bone)
(Code : HDAA-006e )
Material : Rubber
Size : 7cm x 3.5cm

Available in blue, green and red.

Special price, grab it now! :)

HDAA-006 Cable Manager

Manage all the wire easily ( computer mouse, earphone, mp3 player...)

Design B : Ninja

( Code : HDAA-006b )

Material : Rubber

Available in Pink, Blue, White & Black

Size : 4 x 6 cm

Available in Pink, Blue, White & Black

Design C : Smiley Cloud

( Code : HDAA-006c )

Material : Rubber

Out of stock and will not restock

Design A :Sprout

( Code : HDAA-006a )

Material : Rubber

Available in Pink & Green
Size : 3.5 x 6 cm

Design D : Animal

( Code : HDAA-006d )

Material : Rubber

Available in Pink & White

RM 3.90 / unit

3 for RM10

You can mix with different design!

Monday, September 6, 2010

HDAA-012 Card Holder ( for 12 cards )

Card Holder

(Code : HDAA-012)

Material : PVC

Available in 3 colors : Dark Brown , Yellow, Pink

Size : 10.2 cm x 7.3 cm

Can store up to 12pcs cards ( credit card, members card... your wallet will not be messy with lot of cards anymore!)

RM 5.90 per unit

Monday, August 30, 2010

HDAA-009 Gold Plating Sticker

Electromagnetic Waves Filter

(Gold Plating sticker)

Can stick on handphone, laptop, mp3 player, digital camera & etc; simple decoration which beautify electronic appliance easily and the most important thing is can reduce the effect of electromagnetic waves to us!

(Code : HDAA-009)

Material : Superconductivity gold (99.0%) + EMI Fiber (radiation fibers) + 14 types of insulation 24K gold (purity 99.9%) 4 / 1000 mm plated

Available in 12 designs

Size : 15mm x 15mm

Price = RM2/pcs